Known Issues

All currently known issues impacting FlexColorScheme are rooted in Flutter SDK framework issues and typically cannot be fixed in the package. The known issues are being tracked, and status changes are occasionally reviewed and updated below, especially when there is a new Flutter stable version release. Some Flutter SDK theming issues have workarounds included in FlexColorScheme, such workaround cases are also mentioned in the tracked issues.

Found an issue?#

Did you find a new issue? Is it a FlexColorScheme issue? Please open it as a new issue in the project GitHub repo. If you have a question about FlexColorScheme and its usage, you can post it as a question in the repo discussions. If it is a theming issue caused by the Flutter SDK framework, please report it directly in Flutter issues.

Flutter Issues#

Summary of reported Flutter theming issues, that impact or have impacted theming in Flutter, as well as features in FlexColorScheme and the Themes Playground.

No fix26 issues
Fixed in master1 issue
Fixed in stable32 issues

Last status review November 29, 2023 (Flutter 3.16.1)

If an issue is stated to apply to Flutter version stable 3.13, it typically means it also applies to earlier stable versions if the feature in question also exists in earlier versions.