Version 5 Known Issues

Flutter SDK: Android System Navigation Bar

Due to Flutter SDK issue #100027 "Using systemNavigationBarDividerColor changes statusBarIconBrightness and systemNavigationBarIconBrightness on Android 11". Two temporary changes were made to FlexColorScheme.themedSystemNavigationBar implementation:

  • The divider feature is disabled until the issue has been resolved.
  • There is a temporary workaround implemented, it manages to keep system icons from getting the wrong brightness on Android 11 by calling systemChrome twice.

The temporary changes will be reverted when the fix for the Flutter issue has reached the stable channel.

Flutter SDK: UnderlineInputBorder

ShapeBorder on input decorator UnderlineInputBorder has gaps in its equality operator and hashCode in Flutter SDK, it is missing the borderRadius property. Report not yet submitted to Flutter repo.

This can be seen in the Themes Playground app where changing the controller value borderRadius on the used UnderlineInputBorder property does not trigger a rebuild of the Theme via Listenable in the AnimatedBuilder, since the value change is not observed because the property is not included in the object equality. Equality remains true, even though one of its property values has changed. Deeper issue analysis, reproduction sample and submission as a Flutter bug still to be done.

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