Scheme Reference

This table lists all current built-in color schemes in FlexColorScheme, the version it was released with, its enum value, short name and description. It shows a small thumbnail of each color scheme in light and dark theme mode. Clicking on a thumbnail opens a high-resolution version of the image.

ReleaseFlexSchemeScheme Name  Description Light   Dark   
1.0.0materialMaterial defaultDefault Material 2 color theme, used in the design guide.
1.0.0materialHcMaterial high contrastHigh contrast Material 2 design guide theme.
1.0.0blueBlue delightBlue color theme, based on Material blue and light blue colors.
1.0.0indigoIndigo nightsIndigo color theme, based on Material indigo and deep purple colors.
1.0.0hippieBlueHippie blueHippie blue with surfie green and chock coral pink theme.
1.0.0aquaBlueAqua blueAqua tropical ocean blue theme.
1.0.0brandBlueBrand bluesA mixture of blue colors from well known web brands.
1.0.0deepBlueDeep blue seaDark deep blue sea color theme.
1.0.0sakuraPink sakuraPink color theme, based on sakura cherry blossom like colors.
1.0.0mandyRedOh Mandy redMandy red and Viking blue colored theme.
1.0.0redRed tornadoRed color theme, based on Material red and pink colors.
1.0.0redWineRed red wineRed color theme, based on red wine like colors.
1.0.0purpleBrownPurple brownPurple brown tinted aubergine and eggplant colored theme.
1.0.0greenGreen forestGreen color theme, based on Material green and cyan colors.
1.0.0moneyGreen moneyGreen money and finance style color theme.
1.0.0jungleGreen jungleGreen jungle and rain forest color theme.
1.0.0greyLawGrey lawMaterial blue grey and ultra dark purple color theme. Colors suitable for law firms.
1.0.0wasabiWillow and wasabiWild Willow and wasabi green with orchid purple inspired colors.
1.0.0goldGold sunsetGold sunset color theme, based on orange like colors.
1.0.0mangoMango mojitoOrange and green Mango mojito color theme.
1.2.0amberAmber blueAmber blaze and blue color theme, based on Material amber and blue accent colors, a high-contrast theme. An alternative to the default Material high contrast theme.
1.2.0vesuviusBurnVesuvius burnedVesuvius burned orange and eden green theme.
1.2.0deepPurpleDeep purpleDeep purple daisy bush theme, based on Material deepPurple and lightBlueAccent colors.
1.2.0ebonyClayEbony clayEbony clay dark blue-grey and watercourse green colored theme.
1.4.1barossaBarossaBarossa red and cardin green colored theme. A somber color set suited for courts and law firms.
1.4.1sharkShark and orangeShark grey and orange ecstasy colored theme.
1.4.1bigStoneBig stone tulipBig stone blue and tulip tree yellow colored theme.
1.4.1damaskDamask and lunarDamask red and lunar green colored theme.
3.0.0bahamaBlueBahama and trinidadBahama blue and trinidad orange colored theme.
3.0.0mallardGreenMallard and valenciaMallard green and Valencia pink colored theme.
3.0.0espressoEspresso and cremaEspresso dark brown and crema colored theme.
3.0.0outerSpaceOuter space stageOuter space dark blue-grey and stage red theme.
4.0.0blueWhaleBlue whaleBlue whale, jungle green and outrageous tango orange theme.
4.0.0sanJuanBlueSan Juan blueSan Juan blue and pink salmon theme.
4.0.0rosewoodRosewoodRosewood red, with horses neck and driftwood theme.
4.0.0blumineBlueBlumineBlumine, easter blue and saffron mango theme.
5.0.0flutterDashFlutter DashFlutter Dash wallpaper based theme.
5.0.0materialBaselineM3 baselineMaterial guide 3 baseline based theme.
5.0.0verdunHemlockVerdun greenMaterial guide 3 verdun and mineral green with hemlock.
5.0.0dellGenoaDell genoa greenMaterial guide 3 theme with dell, axolotl and genoa greens.