Below a few showcases of applications that use FlexColorScheme.

We love to feature applications using FlexColorScheme. If you have an application that uses FlexColorScheme and would like a brief mention and to be featured here, then please drop some screenshots in its GitHub discussions show and tell section, and we can take it from there.


Use AppShots to manage and create stunning app store screenshots for your applications. It speeds up your screenshot creation workflow, create beautiful screenshots in minutes instead of hours.

Present your app in the best possible way with AppShots

AppShots provides a place for you to manage, and create app store screenshots for multiple applications. It has extensive localization support to help you reach a wider audience.

AppShots localize

AppShots supports a wide variety of device frames, that are kept up-to-date with store screenshot guidelines. You can focus on creating the perfect screenshot, instead of remembering what screenshot size Apple wants. A developer friendly tool at every step.

AppShots screenshot editing
AppShots offers flexible and intuitive screenshot editing tools

In addtion to being themed using FlexColorScheme, AppShots also uses the FlexColorPicker package. To start using AppShots, get it from the App Store now.


Flurdle is a beautiful supercharged Flutter Wordle like game. Get it from the App Store or just play it online using the web version.

Flurdle - a supercharged Flutter Wordle


HabitKit is the perfect app for anyone looking to form new habits or break old ones. With HabitKit, you can track your progress with beautiful tile-based grid charts. Whether you're trying to quit smoking, eat healthier, or exercise more, HabitKit can help you achieve your goals. You can customize your dashboard by adjusting colors, icons and descriptions. Draw motivation from growing the amount of colored tiles on your habit dashboard. Get it from the App Store here or Google Play here.

HabitKit image

NexBot AI#

NexBot AI is a Flutter copywriting assistant app. The missing tool for busy content creators and entrepreneurs. Use it to quickly create high-quality, engaging content for your Emails, Ads, Websites, Listings, Blogs & More. Learn more here.

NexBot AI Light
NexBot AI in a light theme made with FlexColorScheme
NexBot AI Dark
NexBot AI in a dark theme made with FlexColorScheme


NexSnap is a Flutter app that helps you make beautiful screenshots. Take a screenshot, save it, and you've got a beautiful screenshot, ready to share. It's that quick and easy. You can find it here.

NexSnap in a dark theme made with FlexColorScheme

Velmio Care#

Velmio Care is an all-in-one platform for doulas and midwives to manage and support pregnancies. The platform enhances and simplifies their workflow by combining remote patient monitoring with continuous AI-powered health assessment leading to better pregnancy outcomes. By using FlexColorScheme Velmio Care devs are able to speed up the development lifecycle and provide customers with more advanced customisation features. For more information, please see velmio.com.


Flexfold Demo#

An aged classic example of FlexColorScheme usage can be seen in the Flutter web Flexfold demo app. You can read more about the Flexfold demo app here.

Flexfold demo
Flexfold demo

The live version of the Flexfold demo is still using FlexColorScheme version 3. As can be seen, it was very capable already back then. Example 5, the Themes Playground app now has many more options and offers considerably more advanced theming features than the Flexfold demo ever did.