If you like using FlexColorScheme or my other Flutter packages, like for example, FlexColorPicker and FlexSeedScheme, or any other of my open source work, you can sponsor me on GitHub here. FlexColorScheme and its companion app the Themes Playground is free to use. Sponsorship is totally optional, but very welcome! 💙

GitHub Sponsors#

I'm pleased and honored to list and mention my sponsors. Sponsorship on GitHub helps me maintain FlexColorScheme and my other open-source repositories. It also encourages me to continue their development. Thank you for your support! 😃🙏

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Taha TesserTahaTesser
Abdulmajid UsmanRaider-hub
DCMDCM via incendial
Alessio Salvadorinialesalv
Rutvik Takrutvik110
Temitope Ajiboyetayormi